It was a day forecast with sunny anticipation while attending an auction with my small dog.  As I held him in my arms, be barked incessantly at two boys
about the age of four.  One boy, unsettled by his barking, screamed and ran yelling; "He is going to bite me!".  The other boy stood there staring at the dog.  
His expression deepened as he pondered the dog, then he turned and replied to the the running child, "He doesn't want to bite you.  He only wants to play."

I didn't know exactly what happened, only years later did I become aware of and understand children's ability to easily and naturally be telepathic to what
my dog was thinking.

Children are born with the natural abiltiy to connect through telepathy with animals.  This magical time in childhood links children and animals in a natural
expression of love creating a special bond between them.

It is an elusive time for children to have this wonderful exchange with animals and is often lost in childhood.  Our society draws children's attention to cultural
acceptance of what is expected as they grow older and are encouraged to suppress their abiltiy to telepath animals.

The current influx of children, indigo, crystal and rainbow children are not only born with thought transference but are continuing to use their telepathic
abilities with other children.  This includes adults who have actively continued their use of telepathic communication or have re-learned and tapped into the
natural ability found in everyone.  Children with their love for animals are encourage their telepathic abilities or if suppressed can continue or re-learn their
skills of telepathy
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