"Karen told me so much in these consultations, so much that
she would have no way of knowing, so much that I had
observed and so much that I didn't know.  Since we've been
consulting with her all of the cats seem so much happier..."
A.E./ PA

   People and animals use mental imagery to picture words, objects, thoughts or feelings expressed by others or themselves.  
This includes person to person, person to animal, animal to people and animal to animal.  People used thought transference
before expanding their verbal skills into language.  Thought transference from the beginning  to now is continued in our
every day lives.  Do we ever think or feel without seeing a picture in our mind?  This is mental telepathy.  We take for
granted or often not recognize how frequently we do use it.
   We are aware that animals interact with us and other animals through behavior and sound inflections.  Yet unaware that
animals telepathically exchange information with us.  Animals are not only aware of our thoughts and feelings but are able to
express their own to us through telepathy.
   Mental telepathy is energy transfer of thoughts from one being to another.  This is why communication with an animal
can be don anywhere or time.  It makes no difference if the animal is seen or far away.  They may even be sleeping in
   Karen's telpathic interaction with an animal is exchanged with dignity, kindness and utmost respect.  This respectful
communication validates who the animals are as individuals.
   A session with Karen offers a special time for you to understand and share in your animal's interests, choices, life's
purpose and spirituality.  A magical journey in creating a deeper bbond between you and your animal friend.  Karen creates
joy between people and their animal friends for the past ten years.  Offering you insight to the individual your animal is and
their life desires.  A deep connection of love expressed in sharing each others dreams.
   Animal communicators are used by veterinarians, farriers, stables, kennels, animal trainers, zoos and animal lovers like
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