animal communication basic course
The Greater Reading Horse and Pet Expo 2010
The first ever animal communication course given at a pet expo!
"I really enjoyed my class with Karen.  I will be telling all my friends about it for the next pet expo.  The pet expo was great also.  Hope to see you again next year."
Linda Heil, PA
"Dear Karen,
I attended "THOUGHT TALK" in March 2010.  It was a wonderful and enlightening day.  I came home feeling very peaceful and empowered.  The day went so fast.  I learned so much.  The next day when I was home, I tried
"talking" to my dog Mocha (looking to the side of him not right into his eyes) and he was just sitting there quietly.  I asked if he liked his name, then if he was happy and as I went to go on, he cocked his head definitively to the
side!  That was all the confirmation I needed to know he was "hearing" me!!  We were sitting together silently, I wasn't even looking at him, and all of a sudden he tilted his head!!  It was amazing.
I'd recommend this seminar to anyone who has animals both here and over the Rainbow Bridge.  It was informative, fun, stunning and eye opening.  Opening your heart and mind and letting all that is there come flooding in.  
What an amazing and different way to spend your weekend.
Your dog Elf was a delight too!!
Thank you for a lovely day."
Conni Papillon, PA
"Animal communication is much more than communicating with animals.  It offers a bond between you and the animal world, a world ful of respect, joy and unconditional love.  From animals come the simplest, greatest and
most profound answers.  I found it quite easy to learn to listen and to talk to them.  Why so many seek the contact with angels when we are surrounded by animals?  Often they give you the mmost interesting messages in the
funniest way.  Lately I had a nice talk with a toad.  Can you believe that?  Have your own experiences, trust yoursel and it will become part of your life.  Don't miss it!  It will expand your heart and your soul.  Children always
have this great connection...Our world has become more exciting in a loving way...
Petra Hruska - Austria - traveled to America to learn animal communication from Karen in 2012

"Karen Kober's wisdom, grace, and compassion have been navigating me through life's challenges for the past several yearts.  She is a woman of high ethics who activates her gifts in alignment with God.  I am grateful for her
presence in my life as quite often only she can answer the questions in my heart.  I met Karen when my beloved cat was ill and she helped me profoundly during my grief.  I continue to consult her on many topics, conundrums,
and during stressful moments.  After each session I feel a renewed sense of joy and peace.  She is an amazing gift to the world!"
Christine C. - NJ
"Thank you so much for helping me communicate with all the animals in my family.  Everyone seems more relaxed and more  attentive  than before our conversation.  Not just the cats and dogs, me too.  The insight gained into
each of the pets has been very  helpful.... I think the most powerful thing was hearing, from you, the amount of love and unity among my pets.  Since our conversation I am confident knowing that we are more than a group of
beings sharing space.  We are all here together beacuse we choose to be, each  for our own reason, content in our situation because of the love between us."
Janice E. - PA
"Mimi was the first to consult with Karen.  She was having breathing problems and no one could figure out why.  Mimi told Karen it  was merely an allergy, though she had never suffered from allergies before.  She said that
when the cold came there was no pollen in  the air she'd be fine and she was.
Puck was the second consultation. He was dismally sad.  He didn't feel loved.  And he was ready to go to spirit world.  But, because  he told Karen that, I worked especially hard with him and the next time we consulted he
was much happier and much more enthusiastic  about life.  For that I am enormously grateful to Karen.
Merlin has a spirit friend, Bobsy, whom I have seen around here often.  I was concerned about that, wondering if the spirit cat was here to help one of my cats to the other side.  But through Karen, Merlin told me that she is
just his friend and that he likes to hang out with her.
Skitter in this life just for the fun of it, as he told Karen.  He's the darling of the house.  All the cats mentioned him to her, all said that they adore him.  And they do.  He "mothers" them all, and he told Karen that he loves each
and every one of them.
Freckles bragged to Karen about his indoor tree and, though he described it, she didn't quite know what he meant.  We have a very large cat "castle" that resides in the living room that has branches like a tree and lots of raw
bark for him to scratch on.  He loves that thing.  He also told her that he loves the water, which is why he so enjoys drinking from the faucet.
KC is the most spiritual of all the cats.  I kind of suspected that, but Karen verified it.  He reminds me to pray every day, something that I confess I don't always do.  His message is to love all creatures, to love the planet.  And
he advises patience.  He says that we all know God, since we are all spiritual beings.
Our consultation with Lazarus was probably the most touching.  He is in spirit just now, and he told Karen about what a tortured life he had coming to me.  He told Karen about my singing to him, and he wishes that I would
sing to him now.  Karen didn't understand that reference either, until I sang the "Lazarus song"
Karen told me so much in these consultations, so much that she would have no way of knowing, so much that I had observed and so much that I didn't know.  Since we've been consulting with her all of the cats seem so much
happier, especially Puck who now sleeps on my bed and sometimes keeps me awake with his purring."
Alice E. - PA
"After Karen did a reading for my cat, Lightning, I discovered that she needed a bigger litter box and that she prefered  unscented litter.  She also related that when I was not at home she climbed up onto the kitchen counter.  I
was very pleased with the reading."   
Alan A. - PA
"I have had several sessions at different times with my dogs & fish!  Each time I was satisfied with your communication and have come to understand my animal companions ever more.  I than you for being our translator.  
Recently, I've had to make the difficult decision of putting my rotweiler "Nero" to sleep.  He gave me
10 1/2 years of pure love and joy. ...The next day, I had the most overwhelming anixiety that I ended up calling you to hear about my "Nero" in spirit form.  Your words & communication at such a moment brought me much
comfort and set my heart at ease.  I felt peace within -
Thank You  so much for that!  God Bless.
Jannette R. - NY
"Karen's love and compassion for animals and their people is evident in her communication."
Lisa W - NY
"I would like to say that Karen is amazing!!!  I met her at a pet expo in Long Island, NY.  She helps me so much with my dogs.  I train and show dogs for a living.  I strongly believe that if it wasn't for her my training would not be as
smooth and neither would the dog shows.  She has helped me become closer with my dogs.  Thanks to Karen my dogs tell me what they want.
Thank you Karen for everything you have done
Alexandra S. - NY
"Karen has lectured at my metaphysical and healing arts school in animal communication.  I have been clairvoyant since 3 years old and now I am in my 60's.  Anyone that teaches in the school is tested.  Karen's accuracy rate is high.  She
has provided animal comunication to those around me.  I am blessed to watch her give love and compassion to those she talks with.  Everyone is pleased and validates their experiences with their animals.  Now she has me hearing our dog,
Murphy!  What a wonderful and exciting experience to hear him.  I proudly recommend Karen
Rosemarie M. - PA
"I thought it was touching but I wish I could of talked longer, it makes me miss them even more and it was so enlighting to know their thoughts and hear what they said.  And I hope I could continue this again.  I would like to hear more
and do my other dog's.  And I wish them nothing but peace.  Thank you so much again.
Jim A. - NY
Thank you for your thoughtful words ~ Karen, Foxx, Misha and Elf
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