How do we do an animal communication session?
It is a phone session.  I usually let the animal tell me about him/herself and what they would like to say to you.  You may ask questions.  I am basically a third party to your conversation relaying what your
animal wants to say to you.  It is a confidential conversation.

Where does my animal have to be when we have a phone session?
Anywhere your animal would like to be.  It is not necessary to have your animal with you.  Your animal may be off in another room sleeping, that's fine.  No matter where your animal is or what they are
doing, they are tuned into our conversation.  You may also find that your other animals are listening in on your conversation with us and hope for a turn to talk also.  You may have an individual animal or a
group session.

Do you need to come to my home?
You may remain casual and relaxed in your own home and we will converse over the phone.

Will there be any change in my relationship with my animal friend?
They know that you have taken the time to make them feel special by wanting to find out about their interests and what they have to say to you.  They wait with anticipation to talk and after your
session youwill find that they may be exceptionally loving.  They know you are doing something very special for them because you love them.  Everything you do is important for them, they are here to
love you.

What if my animal doesn't want to talk?
All animals are individuals, in general most wait with great anticipation.  And some days, just like you and me, they don't feel like talking.  They may feel their time is geared toward something else and don't
want to be interrupted.  We can encourage that this is the moment we need to talk by informing them that this is their special time.  Most are surprised that a person can hear them and are very ready to talk
with their people.

My animal is missing, can you help?
It is a very difficult to find a missing animal.  It is very painful and an anxious time.  An animal's perception of our world is different than ours because they are smaller.  They move about quickly and
sometimes at great distances.  Besides possibly being lost an animal may leave for their own reasons.  They may have left angry, or felt it was their time to help someone else.  Even compassionately save
us from the experience of their death.  Some communicators have a higher success rate of finding animals,  if need be I will refer you.  I am finding that my success rate is high providing the call comes

Can you make my animal change their behavior?
The animal will share their viewpoint of what is going on with them.  It may only be missed communication between the two of you.  Animals do try to change their behavior because they love you and
want to understand what you expect of them.  Is it a 100% - nothing is guaranteed.  But it will create a better understanding between the two of you.  A compromise is often the solution.  Sometimes it is
as simple as changing your phrases when you communicate to your animal for what you want them to do.

Should I talk with you before I see my veterinarian?
See your veterinarian first if you are concerned about medical issues.  If you are in an emergency situation go to your vet immediately.  I am only able to relay information from your animal what they are
feeling and what symptoms they have.  If an animal is a possible for surgery, I can ask what the animal wants.  I am not a veterinarian, I do not diagnose or prescribe medication.  I do vet sessions.  With
euthanisia decisions, I relay what the animal wants and when they feel they are ready and who they want to be there.  It is their choice, they are living individuals capable of their decisions.  Also, please
note that I am not a psychic and I do not make predictions or outcomes for all situations may change.

Do animal spirit's manifest again in other physical body?
It is expressed as a yes from my experience in communicating with animals.  This is from your animals spirituality and consciousness with the Divine Light.  If your religion does not accept reincarnation,
follow your beliefs.  I respect and honor those beliefs, they are yours.  When an animal expresses their spirituality I will convey the truth of what your animal has expressed to me.  You may choose to
embrace, reject, or silently ponder what your animal has expressed.  Often animals have a life purpose to come and help you through difficult times or to help you grow spiritually.

Can you talk with my deceased animal?
Yes, it is with the spirit of the animal that telapathic connections is made.  You may validate for yourself the connections from what is expressed from the animal that is now in spirit from that which you
had loved in the physical.

Will you talk to my neighbor's cat for me?
Animal communicators only talk with animals from requests from their human guardians.  Inaccurate information is presented when an animal is not yours.  The communication pathway is open and other
animals will often take advantage to be heard and you will not receive an accurate repsonse to your questions.  This is also the reason why when a person tries to test an animal communicator it doen't work
because it is not an honest situation.  Reputable animal communicators respect and adhere to a code of ethics.
Can you work with my show/competition animals?
Yes, there is a pre-paid program for kennels, show or competition animals.  Concerns or behavior is addressed in a positive compromising manner between handler and animal.

All euthanasia calls for the animal's request regarding are for a yes or no reply.  A short response from the animal may be offered.  After the animal crosses over the Rainbow Bridge a message is usually
given to the guardian from the animal.  For those that have had phone sessions with me, my companions (Foxx, Misha & Elf McMagic) will travel the Rainbow Bridge with them...for they will not go
alone.  A white candle is burned for them and a prayer is said.  (see candle)  
Euthanasia calls are free to continuing clients providing the call is brief.                                                                                                                                   
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